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  • Having such an SUV means, one doesn’t have to bother with the potholes, the speed breakers, the waterlogged underpasses, or the end of the world, the NuvoSport just sails through it all. - CARWALE

  • The best of so many segments, incorporated into one substantial package! Visually large but compact to the core styling. Best ever manifestation of body-on-ladder construction. - zeegnition

  • One look at the car and you know Mahindra have styled it to appeal to a market which is lapping up SUVs left, right and centre. - EVO

  • The interior design is as fresh and youthful as the exterior. To sum it up, the Mahindra NuvoSport’s interior emerges as a well-designed, surprisingly spacious and fairly comfortable place to be in. - RUSHLANE

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